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Money Grows on Trees if you Water the Right Plants

From time immemorial we have been told that money doesn't grow on trees. While it is technically true, metaphorically it cannot be more wrong. This one statement had me wondering for years as to why money can't just create itself or just keep on growing. This thought had always stuck with me. One day I did find the solution to this problem.

The answer was: ASSETS.

Assets create wealth overtime. One should therefore focus on creating assets in life. This is what I mean by Watering the Right Plants. It is imperative that one waters the right plants, i.e. creates the right assets. Assets can be physical, digital or even a skill set.

My primary focus has been on investing in assets since the time I realised this truth. It also made me look deeper into how the education system fails us by covering up the realities of the world. Even if you are unable to understand this simple thing early in life, I would recommend to start accumulating any asset of your choice. Stocks, Treasuries, Gold, etc. One day you will realise the power of these Trees (and they will become big trees, bearing fruits of the finest quality). The Tree or Trees (mini forest) that you will create, will provide you shelter in the times of storms as well. It will become your one place to rest as it will be stable, holding your world in balance, just make sure that you have watered it enough so that it has deep roots.

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