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About Me

Financial Freedom for all is my #1 Goal

Hi everyone! My name is Jatin Agarwal, I am co-founder and principal officer at MoneyCraft (Investement Adviser). I am an investor and a trader myself as well. I started The Bull of Dalal Street with one goal in mind: To help people achieve Financial Freedom. Today we are a growing community on all major social platforms.

The Bull of Dalal Street is committed to building #LeanMeanCompoundingMachine for every Investor out there!

  • Lean: Your investments should be focused and therefore, less in number. This gives you concentrated bets and agility.

  • Mean: The companies in your portfolio should focus on improving fundamentals and gaining market share. These companies should dominate their fields.

  • Compounding: These companies should be compounding your wealth so that you can achieve your goals.

  • Machine: Your Portfolio is like a Machine where different stocks/investments work in tandem with each other.

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