Model Portfolios

Thematic Model Portfolios

These Model Portfolios are build around particular themes and once you decide to take one, you get 1 full year of coverage. If there has to be any re-balancing done, you will be informed about the re-balancing or exits.

These Model Portfolios are focused on building a 'Lean Mean Compounding Machine'.

There are 6 portfolios:

1) Technology Disruptor Fund (focused on tech and online companies)

2) BFSI Fund (focused on banking and financial services industry)

3) Pharma and Chemical Fund (focused on the said sectors)

4) Infrastructure Fund (focused on companies in the infrastructure and construction space)

5) Consumption Fund (play the discretionary consumption theme of India)

6) FMCG Basket (focused on consistent fast moving consumer goods companies)

All Model Portfolios are priced at just Rs.20,000/- for 1 Year of Service.

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